What Colours Look Good on Me? 6 Tips to Avoid Looking Washed out

Posted on July 23 2019

What Colours Look Good on Me? 6 Tips to Avoid Looking Washed out

What Colours Look Good on Me? 6 Tips to Avoid Looking Washed out

Nobody ever said wearing colours was easy. But even so, adding some colour to your wardrobe will instantly give your outfit a burst of vibrancy that people will appreciate.

Colours have a lot of power behind them. And they have the ability to shape our perceptions of ourselves as well as shape the way others perceive us. For example, when we wear red, we tend to feel more confident. In fact, studies show that sports players who wear red are likely to win more matches.

Now, sure, you're probably not looking for the right colour to help you win the World Cup or anything. But when you wear a colour that looks good on you, you'll feel good in it. 

Plus, wearing the right colour can give you a new and beautiful look to wear for all types of future occasions.

Many women are hesitant to wear anything outside of the neutral range. Perhaps you didn't look good in sapphire that one time 8 years and so you swore off colours forever. 

Well, we're here to tell you that anyone can look good in a colourful outfit. It just has to be the right colour.

"How do I know what colours good on me?" you might be asking yourself.

It's actually not as hard as you might think. Read on, and we'll give you some of the best tips to finding out which colours will look great on you.

Determine Your Skin Tone

As with hair and makeup, the colour of the clothes that will look best on you depends on the tone of your skin. 

These tones can be categorized into neutral, cool, and warm. It is usually easy for people to determine their skin tone just by looking at themselves. But for some, it can be tricky.

No matter what tone you are, remember that there are no rules to fashion. If a colour that you like isn't in your tonal range, don't let it stop you from wearing it. 

If you're concerned, wear the 'unflattering' colour as an accessory such as a belt or watch. Or even wear it on your skirt or shoes. 

If you keep that colour distanced from your face, you won't have to worry about it clashing with your complexion. 

So, how do we determine what our skin tone is? There are actually a few different questions we can ask ourselves to help figure this out.

When you are out in the sun for a long period of time, do you burn or do you tan? If you end up with a golden tan, you are a warm tone. If instead, you end up resembling more of a lobster, than you are most likely cool-toned.

When you wear metallic jewellery, which shades look best on you?  A warm-toned person would look best in gold. If silver is your jam, you are probably cool-toned. Do you look good in both? Congratulations, you're neutral. 

Which neutral colours look best on you? Do you look fabulous in brown, tan, or ivory? Then you are probably warm. How about whites and blacks? That's cool tone. Look good in both? Neutral!

Wear Reds If You're Warm

If you are warm-toned, then your skin probably has a golden undertone to it. Think Beyonce and Eva Longoria. 

Also, when looking at your veins, they will most likely appear green against your skin. 

Reds, oranges, honey gold, amber, and golden yellow are your go-to warm colours. Your cool colours are warmer blues and greens. Fern, green moss, deep turquoise, pesto, olive, and red-purles. 

Neutrals that look best on you are creamy whites, latte, taupe, and hot chocolate. 

Ruby, sapphire, and other jewelled tones are likely to clash with your complexion. 

Wear Blues If You're Cool

If you are cool-toned, then your veins should appear blue. Your hair colour can also range from platinum blonde to dark black hair. 

Women like Nicole Kidman and Lupita Nyong'o are cool-toned. 

Your go-to cool colours are going to be sapphire, emerald, lavender, and bright and royal blue. In fact, blue is the most popular colour worn on Tinder profile pictures following black and white. Lucky you!

Your go-to warm colours are bright rose, ruby, and deep reds. 

Neutrals that look best on you are navy, white, and grey. 

You probably will want to avoid bright yellows and oranges. 

If You're Neutral, Wear Neutral

People who are neutral-toned usually have hazel-coloured eyes. This is because hazel eyes tends to change colour to what the person is wearing.

Emma Watson and Kerry Washington can be classified as neutral-toned.

Neutral-toned people tend to look best in colours that lie within the center of the spectrum. These include jade, dusty pinks, and light peach.

Try to avoid vibrant and bright colours like oranges and red. 

Off-whites and greys will also work with your complexion. 

Know What Colours Look Good on Me, You, and Everyone Else

If you are still worried and asking "what colours look good on me?", don't worry.

Believe it or not, there are some versatile colours out there that work on everyone, regardless of skin tone. This is because these colours offer an equal balance of cool and warm tones.

These colours are blush pink, true red, eggplant, and teal. 

Don't Get Overwhelmed

There a lot of colours out there in the world and it may all seem overwhelming at times.

But if you stick to your skin-tone shades (at least at the beginning), then you should be able to answer that age-old question, "what colours look good on me?", every time.

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